Resolve issue when Insight Object status turns active

Hello Guys,

I am working on an enhancement and below is my requirement.
We are creating an issue when status of an insight object turns DOWN. That is direct functionality and able to achieve that without any issues. Now we need to resolve the issue that was created earlier, when the status of the object turn ACTIVE.

Please share your thoughts how we can achieve this functionality.


It seems that you need:

a) to detect that the (insight?) object has become active; and

b) to identify the related issue that was created; and

c) to transition the issue in its workflow; and

d) to set the resolution of the issue.

Please indicate which of those steps you are having trouble with, and what you have tried so far.

Hi David,

I am sorry. I was sick and couldn’t get back to you. I have identified these steps but not sure which plugin should I use and how do I do it!

I am new to jira development.

So please guide me in correct way.


From this post, and other topics you’ve started, I surmise that you haven’t written JIRA add-ons before. Honestly, you’d be best to start with the Getting started with Plugins2 guide and associated tutorial.

Sure. Thanks David!