Rest API call with OAuth 2.0 3LO, Stuck with fetch code through a http call

Hello All,

I’m trying to get the authorization code from post man, as i want to make a rest call with no manual intervention. i got the flow, just stuck with getting the code through a http call.

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Hi @Arun1,

Here is how you request access token via Postman for Atlassian 3LO:

  1. Enter the API URL to which you want to make a call. For ex:

  2. Click on the ‘Authorization’ tab and select ‘OAuth 2.0’.

  3. Then click the ‘Get New Access Token’ button. You should see a dialog box. Fill them as shown below.

  4. Make sure the above callback URL is updated in your app settings page too in

  5. When you click the ‘Request Token’, you will be directed to login screen and then will receive the access token with other data like refresh token, expiry etc.

Let us know if you have any more questions :slight_smile:

Hi @aagrawal2,

i’m using the same flow. my problem is making this whole transaction with out any manual intervention. with out user entering the credentials.

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Oh ok. Basic auth for REST APIs might fit your bill. It uses a username and API token. Please keep in mind this is only useful for making calls from scripts.


Hi @aagrawal2 ,
I have followed the same flow but I am not redirected to the login page,
for me its showing this error Please see the image and guide me what I should do to resolve this.

Hey @AbhishekJaswal, my name is Dmitrii, I’m a developer on DAC.
It looks from the error that you were not logged in on
Could you please login there and try the OAuth2 flow again?