REST API content search by lastmodified does not work

We are trying to find all recently updated pages by using the /rest/api/content/search API and passing the cql=‘lastmodified>Value’ parameter.
The API used to work and returned all the pages modified after the date passed in the query.
We noticed that recently the API no longer returns the pages based on the lastmodified field.

Is there a different way to find all content that has been modified after a specified timestamp?

Thank you,

Hi @alexginzburg, sorry you’re experiencing that. Sounds like it could be a bug. Would you mind providing some detail for me to look into?

  • What is the exact lastModified query that used to work that doesn’t?
  • If you run other CQL queries (for example, type=page) do you get results?
  • Do you have the URL of the confluence instance where you are seeing this?
  • Are you making the failing request directly in the browser on the atlassian domain or via a plugin?


Hi Nora (@nmcginley),

Please let me know if there is anything else I could provide

Thank you,

Thanks, this is helpful @alexginzburg

If you just go to>“2020/07/01” does that work?

@alexginzburg Can you share the API response you’re getting when you make that API call? (including response code from the header, and the body)