REST API endpoint for deleting application authorizations

Hi, my app has an integration with bitbucket but when a user deletes this integration in my app I want to delete the corresponding app authorization. As I understand there’s currently no API endpoint for that. It would be great if it was added.

When your app is uninstalled, a lifecycle event is posted to your Bitbucket Connect app. In the lifecycle section of your descriptor, you would set the uninstalled event to post to an endpoint for handling cleanup on your backend. See for details.

I think you misunderstood me, I meant the other way around – not when a user deletes my app in his bitbucket account but when he deletes it in my app – then I want to delete my already authorized application in his bitbucket account. Because right if a user disconnects bitbucket integration in my app (and we delete all oauth2 info) he still had our app listed among authorized apps in his bitbucket account.

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Same problem as @csandanov.
This functionality is very important to build trust in users.