REST API for Associating a Screen with a Workflow Transition

Hi there

I’m a bit confused…

Using the JIRA v3 REST API, I can perform the following:

  • Create custom fields
  • Create a screen
  • Add screen tabs and fields to a screen
  • Create a workflow, including specifying transitions

However, it seems there’s no API method for associating a screen with a workflow transition (although the GET for a workflow shows any applicable screens for transitions).

Why am I confused? There appears to be no rationale behind the ability to create a screen via the REST API if the screen cannot be functionally associated with anything… Surely there’s no point in the ability to create a screen via the API if it can’t be used.

Am I missing something? I’ve looked through all the REST API doco but there’s nothing I can find that will allow me to effect this. I know it was a long shot but I did attempt to add the screen to the transition on creating the workflow (schema assumed from the GET of the workflow) but of course this results in a 400 error (not unexpected but disappointing)…

Create workflow POST body excerpt:

    "name": "In progress",
    "from": [
    "to": "3",
    "type": "directed",
    "screen": {
       "id": "10005"**

Is there any way to associate a screen to a workflow transition via the REST API?