Rest api how is it licensed

I m planning to use jirsa-service -desk as frontend for our customers.
In order to manage the tickets access via rest is neccessary.
Can anyone send me a link where the license using the api and rest ist explained.


I don’t believe there is, even on Cloud.

As far as I know, the REST API is handled just like any other URL in the system - if the user has permission to perform the related action, they can do it via the API. I believe the Jira UI even occasionally uses the REST API in the background.

If you have a 10 user license for Jira Service Desk, all 10 users have API access (they just may not be able to do everything because of permissions you have assigned or possibly rate-limiting implemented on Cloud). Generally, you would create 1 user per integration (e.g. a sales force user, a confluence user, a servicenow user). So, if you have 8 users and 3 integrations, you would have to get a license for more users or reuse some of the integration user accounts.

Probably best to contact sales, especially if you are using Cloud.