REST API session lost in a few minutes

Hi all,

In our company we use a small application to log our work into JIRA faster than using directly the web interface and work with different JIRA instances at the same time.
In order to do so we are using JIRA REST API. However for some JIRA instances we are experiencing a weird behavior. After some minutes (it is quite random when exactly happens) the session requested is lost and the user needs to log in again. We don’t understand why this happens in some JIRA instances and not in others (maybe a configuration problem?).

The main operations we do are:

  • Get session: /rest/auth/1/session (we are taking care of setting the cookie so the JSESSIONID is maintained)
  • Search issue: /rest/api/2/issue/picker

Have someone faced the same problem or can give a hint what the problem might be? Until now nothing we have tried so far has worked.

Thanks a lot for your help!