Rest API user/search not bringing results in some accounts

We have implemented an add-on for JIRA Cloud.
A user of our add-on reported they are not getting a list of their users (user/search endpoint).
In my account, it works fine (and for other users too).

Could there be a problem with the specific account ?
Any suggestions ?

Take a look at their global permission settings:

If you’re using User Impersonation, that user would need to be able to browse the users (I think). Otherwise your add-on user needs to be able to browse the users…

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the reply.

We are using User Impersonation and the user does have access to users. I asked our customer to visit the JIRA users page and he could see all his users as active.

To make sure we are using User Impersonation, I tried removing the add-on user from all the groups and the functionality is working fine on my installation. So, we are certainly using User Impersonation, and the user does have the appropriate permissions.

Any other ideas are welcome!


I got an answer from the Atlassian Cloud Support.
It looks like the user must have the Browse Users permission for the REST API call to work (in the JIRA Global permissions).

Thank you,

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