REST Bulk Issue creation without notification and overriding screen security

Hi, one of my plugins allows the user to create bulk subtasks/linked issues/Epic issues. I want to be able to create these issues without sending notifications and overriding screen security (currently it needs to follow the create metadata).

I have noticed that you can do both of these for editing an issue but not creation or bulk creation. Is this coming soon or is there a workaround?

The only workaround I can think of is to bulk create the issues with just the summary field, then send individual REST edit issue calls for each newly created issue. Considering some of my users can create up to 80 issues at a time this would put a substantially higher load on Jira.


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Anyone from Atlassian like to comment?

Hi, @paul,

As you noticed, this is not currently possible with the JIRA REST API.

Could you create a feature request in the ACJIRA project so that others can vote, and we can triage and estimate it properly?

Thanks @kkercz, I’ve created a new feature requrest ACJIRA-1803

Votes Please :smile: