REST Bulk Issue Creation

Hi, I want to create a number of new issues using the REST bulk issue creation. After the issues have been created I want to add a unique (different for every issue) comment to each issue. Does the order in which the issue details are provided (in the post) match that of the created issue details that are returned?

Also what happens to this if there is an error in creating one of those issues (i.e. field not in create meta data).


Hi, @paul.

Regarding the order of issues returned depending on the order in the request, I believe it is so. I made a quick test and it holds true as well.

Regarding the error during bulk creation of issues, if one issue fails due to invalid issue type for example, all the others will still be created successfully (given that the fields are in create meta). The erroneous issue response will be included in "errors":[ ] while the successful responses will be in "issues":[ ].



Hi @iragudo, thanks for that. It’s good that they are in order but the errors are probably a problem. If I try to create 5 issues and there is one error then I have no way of telling which one (or ones) errored. Subsequently the comments may be added to the wrong issue.

I may have to create a lot of individual issues (one at a time). That way I know which is which.

Paul, thank you but that’s exactly the problem, not really a solution. I now have SOME of my bulk issues made, not all of them, AND I don’t have any way of knowing which ones and what I need is all or none for my personal use cases. And at least I would need to know EXACTLY which issues were unsuccessful and why.

Whoops! Sorry. Wrong ticket. :). I have a similar ticket opened.