Restrict access to add-on descriptor only to * host

Hi, I’m wondering if there is a way to use whitelisting in spring boot as it is implemented in express (Bitbucket)

“whitelist”: [",

Basically I want to restrict access to descriptor from atlassian hosts only.


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Hi glib.briia,

May be you can use the CrossOrigin annotation like this: @CrossOrigin(origins = “”) on your controller method. Can you give it a try?

Kind regards,
Paulo Alves.

Hi @glib.briia,

no, I’m afraid that is not currently supported. The framework handles the installation callback for you, so I’m not sure how you would go about adding it. Feel free to raise a feature request in ACSPRING.


Hi @epehrson,

Thank you for your reply. Feature request raised [ACSPRING-82] - Ecosystem Jira