Retrieve exported dependencies from system bundle

We’ve taken the leap and gone transformerless with spring-scanner.

We have had problems where our compile classpath does not properly reflect what is exported by the system bundle. What should we depend upon in order to bring in the correct versions of artifacts exported through the system bundle.

We had hoped that depending on jira-api, and forcing versions of provided dependencies to the transitive versions brought in by jira-api would be enough. However for example commons-logging is 1.2 via jira-api:7.2.0, and the version exported is 1.1.1.

Alternatively, where can we find the magic that generates the export-package instructions for the system bundle?

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We found it - com.atlassian.jira.plugin.DefaultPackageScannerConfiguration. It doesn’t help us hugely though because we can’t parse it to something sensible.

There is a disconnect between the maven model of dependencies and that of the OSGi world, which we’re having problems resolving. Any tips from the trenches would be appreciated.

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