Retrieve forge app version


I’m trying to include the version of our app in the logs (forge version), I had a look through the documentation but couldn’t find anything specific.
Is there an endpoint or an environment variable provided by Atlassian to achieve this?



Hi @JorgeGuerreiro, it is not possible to access app version at the moment.

Do you mean the version that Forge automatically creates on deploy? For example: 2.0.0

Yes that is one

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Hi @JorgeGuerreiro
Right now Forge doesn’t provide access to the app version it generates upon deploy, but there’s a workaround. You are probably working with a JavaScript app that contains a package.json. Inside the package.json there is a version number for your app that you have control over and more, you can utilize inside your Forge app as a way to know which version of the app is generating logs and so on. You just need to remind to upgrade the package.json version in your app at every update, which can be done automatically with tools like bump.

I hope it helps.

Hi @vdebone.

I understand that and we had setup package.json versioning as a plan B in case you guys didn’t provide us with a version value, which in my opinion seems like something that should be provided somehow.

Thanks for the answer!