Retrieve information about SLA calendars via REST


Is there any way to retrieve information about the Calendar the SLAs in JSM projects use? Here’s an article about how to create a custom calendar ( Set up SLA calendars | Jira Service Management Cloud | Atlassian Support ). We are interested in both cloud and server/dc implementation.


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Hello @fkasapov

That information in JSM is available via the get sla information endpoint.

Hi @sunnyape ,
Thank you for your response. This endpoint indeed contain most of the important information but there is no such for the calendar name the SLA is related to. Do you have any idea about this case?

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Hello @fkasapov

Ahh, OK, I understand now. You’re not trying to get the SLA data, but the information about the Calendars used to store the time choices available for use with the SLAs.

Sorry, but the SLA Calendars are not manageable via the REST API. This topic has been raised once or twice before, and JSDSERVER-5623 covers the request for this feature.

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