Retrieve properties from search issues

Is there any way how to retrieve also properties from search endpoint?
Without using JIRA 7.6.1

Because, when I’m searching issues in Jira Cloud, it’s working and in results there are also properties.

If it’s not possible, additional question which could probably cover our use-case.

If I send issues to bulk issue endpoint. Can I count on, that the issues will come back in same order as I send it?


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Currently, this is not possible in server land; here’s the link to the feature request related to this functionality.

Can you clarify this a bit? What specific endpoint are you referring to (is this the one)?


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Yeah, that’s the one. (Jira 8.13.1)

Right now I assume, if in issueUpdates[0] is summary: ‘A’ and issuesUpdates[1] is summary: ‘B’
Then in response, issues[0].id points to issue with summary ‘A’ and issues[1].id points to issue with summary ‘B’.

My use case is that I need to map jira issue id to our internal entity. And I was using properties to store our internal entity id.

We work around this issue by including our own REST endpoint for our app to use that mirrors the search endpoint but returns our entity properties.

Bit annoying!