Retrieve the contentId from an historical content version

I am currently using to get the data from a content-specific version, then from the response links I get the version contentId.

Using the API V2,, the response does not include the links.

Is there any other way to retrieve the content version Id?
Are there plans to include the _links attribute to DetailedVersion?

Daniel Torres

Hi @DanielTorres ,

Can you clarify what you mean by “version contentId” and specifically how this differs from the content IF you are passing to the APIs you referenced.


Hi @DanielTorres

Atlassian has said that they’re no longer monitoring this forum for REST API v.2 gaps and that you should file a bug to get the item added to the queue using the following procedure: RFC-19: Deprecation of Confluence Cloud REST API v1 Endpoints - #25 by AshishShirode

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