RFC-45 - Upcoming changes to Jira navigation

Hi there!

Thanks for sharing all these changes, I’m sure It has taken so much effort. The Chrome extension is so helpful to make us try it.

I have some concerns and questions:

  • In the video, you have shown that a specific app could be placed as default in the project navigation. What about the same behavior for the sidebar navigation? I’m sure many users would like to have available in one click an app that use it every day.
  • I agree with @arajah that it would be really useful for vendors to know the status of the sidebar.
  • One question from the video: It has been mentioned that the project administrator can change the project navigation and that will affect everyone in the project. Does this mean that it is the default one, but then users can modify it? If not, I don’t see it useful, because maybe the project administrator considers 4 specific tabs necessary, while a developer has never used 3 of them and at the same time misses another 2 tabs for his daily work.

Me and the rest of Deiser product team is available for an interview.


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