Rolling back active objects upgrade task

I have a situation where I need to test an issue with an active objects upgrade task. I need to create a reproducible case on a test instance of Confluence, however, since the task has already been run successfully, I cannot rerun the upgrade to test the scenario.

My question: Is there a way to rollback an active objects upgrade task. If there is not a way to rollback. Is there I way I can manually remove the task from the test database to force the migration task to re-run?

Hi @jan.revis,

if you need to test the task in your development instance, then incrementing the version used in the upgrade task is the fastest way to proceed.

Not sure about the database part, but refers to Jira, so you could have a look into the bandana table and look for the AO table version there.

Thank @dennis.fischer. I found the migration version information in bandana under a bandanakey the matches the active object table key value.