Run a python script from a forge app

I am currently learning how to use forge to develop an app for Jira which extracts worklogs and outputs an excel file in a custom format.
I’d like to use a python script which I already developed and use the forge app to give it parameters ( like before and after date ) and control the execution directly from Jira.
Is it possible to use Forge in this manner ? If yes could you please provide an example and if not then I’d be very glad if you would provide any idea that comes up to mind.
Thank you in advance!

Currently Forge only allows Javascript to run.

Typescript can be converted to Javascript and I believe there are some tools to convert Python to Javascript but I don’t know how well they work.

You could also host your Python code on a webserver and try and hit it from your Forge app through something like a REST API call.

For now rewriting the code in Typescript/Javascript is what I’d recommend here.

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