Running custom HTML/Javascript on any page

I think I know the answer here… But I am looking to run some javascript on any page… Specifically call google analytics to embed their tracking info code.

Is there a way to autoload that JS on any view or even just create web-section/panel/etc for each of the main areas (topbar, create dialog/popup)?

I assume no as they dont want you running custom html anywhere that is not part of your app but i figured i would ask to see if anyone has come up with any creative solutions.

Hi Micah,

Thanks for reaching out. As you have already surmised, it is not possible to run javascript outside of the pre-defined locations in Jira.

You might find the Web Fragment Finder app helpful for seeing which web-items, web-panels and web-contexts are available to you.

I found a feature request for customising the ‘Create Issue’ dialog at, which you may wish to comment on, vote for and watch for updates. You are also welcome to raise a feature request in the same project if you’d like to request this functionality (see for information on how we decide what new features to implement)

I hope this helps,