Running long process in backend - limits

Hi there,

I am running in backend very long process but usually it got freeze after 7-15 minutes. I see there is limit for invoke functions but is there some limit for backend processes?

Thank you

Hi @janambroz,

Because Forge is hosted by Atlassian, the background processes are limited in their execution time.

Considering the other topics that I’ve seen from you (Object/Array size limit and Creating ~7000 issues via API), I’m wondering if a Forge app is the right way to proceed here.

Is the creation of the 7000 issues a one-time-job? Is there a reason why you think that this needs to be an app?


I am creating integration between one platform and Jira Cloud, first synchronization can have ~ 7k issues but after this first sync it will be much less, probably just few hundreds issues. Can I achieve it with Forge app?

Thank you

I’d split the problem to smaller pieces that fit the max execution time. For example, instead of synching 7K issues, sync only 100 by one function invocation, essentially splitting the problem to 70 smaller ones.

Hi @aron.gombas,

do you mine share more details how to split it in smaller ones?

Thank you