Salesforce with Jira Data Center Oauth integration setup question

My Salesforce team is in the process of setting up integration with my Jira Data Center via Oauth.

They sent me the below script and requested for me to provide private key, consumer key and secret of my Jira instance.

public JiraOAuthGetAccessToken getJiraOAuthGetAccessToken(String tmpToken, String secret, String consumerKey, String privateKey) throws NoSuchAlgorithmException, InvalidKeySpecException {
JiraOAuthGetAccessToken accessToken = new JiraOAuthGetAccessToken(accessTokenUrl);
accessToken.consumerKey = consumerKey;
accessToken.signer = getOAuthRsaSigner(privateKey);
accessToken.transport = new ApacheHttpTransport();
accessToken.verifier = secret;
accessToken.temporaryToken = tmpToken;
return accessToken;

To my knowledge on the Jira side I just have to setup an Application link in Admin with the information they provide URL, consumer key, consumer name and public key for Jira to allow the connection.

Going by the section “Generate an RSA public/private key pair” on
My question is, am I supposed to generate the keys from the terminal on my Jira server?