Same state for couple custom field components in the App

I’m developing a Jira Forge UI kit App where a couple of custom field components displays data from another issue. The current working solution is to call API repeatedly for each custom field when rendering the component.
The challenge is to load data by only one API call and make it accessible for all app components in the issue view.
Is that possible?
Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi @ArasKucinskas,

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible at the moment.

We’re soon going to look into communication between applications on the same page, which may enable this use case, but for now loading the data separately in each app is the way to go.

Thank You for the answer. Forge is relatively new for me. There is some place for misunderstanding how Forge and Jira cloud works.
One more question. Is it possible to read current issue fields data in the custom field rendering function? Similar to platformContext. Or maybe pass it by parameters?..
My goal is to include data from other fields in the custom field view/edit functions on the same screen.

Hi @ArasKucinskas, Apologies for the delay in responding on this thread.

I’ve created a ticket for this here - [FRGE-749] - Ecosystem Jira
Please follow the ticket for updates.