Search api throws error "search service failed"

my app searches for all trello cards from a user that are due a specific date. I’m doing this via the /search route. It all worked fine the last few days, but today it only worked 30% of the time and gives me the following error: {“error”:“ELASTIC_SEARCH_SEARCH_FAILED”,“message”:“Search service failed”}.

Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to go another way to get my data?

Thank you


:thinking:That is an error that should be very rare and is usually the result of one of our elastic services getting underwater.

Two things that’d be useful in helping dive into what might be going on:

  1. Your API Key
  2. Can you share an example query that you’d use? Is it always the same thing?

Also, what is the HTTP status code that is returned?

I´m ashamed (or happy), but this error didn’t come back the last two days.
The app starts three queries in a row, one that uses the parameter “due:day”, one with “due:week” and one with “created:day”. Very basic, simple queries (with default parameters from the docs), always the same. It seems like someone else just flooded the endpoint with queries on this day :man_shrugging:

The response included a “statusCode: 503”

This was related the incident here:

The search endpoint/service that is exposed via the API is the same one that the web client uses.