Search for custom content property with


I am trying to search by an extracted contentproperty when using the searchmanager.
Contentproperties are using custom SearchQuery implementations from the
But there does not seem to be a way of creating these.

I am looking for some service that exposes an interface like

SearchQuery getContentPropertyQuery(String extractorKey, String, extractorField, Object value); does something very similar but is a) not exposed b) needs argument that can’t be created as a user.

Searching via CQL is not really practical because it does not integrate with the other SearchManager features and it would require a lot of brittle string escaping logic.


As a workaround I was able to extract the ContentPropertyIndexSchemaModuleDescriptor via the PluginAccessor.
From its pluginModule the relevant ContentPropertySchemaField can be extracted whose fieldName can be used to construct a which can be used directly with the SearchManager

And don’t forget to work around