Search for information about the rules generation tool on Trello


I am working on a web application project to process specific files. I would like to integrate a configuration function of this treatment and I immediately thought of the Trello rules creation tool, which is extremely complex and powerful and at the same time very ergonomic.

I would love to know how this tool was designed, how it stores the data of each new rule and in what form?
Also how was the interface made? With tons of Javascript for every form, sub field, sub sub field, or with particular frameworks?

If anyone can tell me more about this tool I will be very happy. This is exactly what I try to reproduce, in a simpler way.

Thank you

Good luck with that. You may as well have said…

“I really liked the space shuttles. I would love to know how that was done. Can anyone tell me how a space ship is made”

oh, really?
Too naive question?
I just thought I’d have the highlights like the type of storage and the method followed, only for a search trail.
But ok I’ll manage :sweat_smile: