Search Jira Issues with Operator CHANGED

Hi, All! I’m trying to develop a plugin reading this tutorial ( and I’d like to specialize it changing the query construction using the operator CHANGED FROM/TO (like this: "status CHANGED FROM “test” TO “development”).
I stopped here:

      // search issues
      // The search interface requires JQL clause... so let's build one
      JqlClauseBuilder jqlClauseBuilder = JqlQueryBuilder.newClauseBuilder();
      // Our JQL clause is simple project="TUTORIAL"
      // status changed from \"test\" to \"development\" "
      Query query = jqlClauseBuilder.addStringCondition("Sprint", sprintName).addClause(new AndClause(new TerminalClauseImpl("status", Operator.CHANGED, "???"))).buildQuery();

And I’m not finding any docs that might helpful. An example would be much usefull. Thanks for any help.

After some searching inside the API I’ve found ChangedClause interface where I can do what I was looking for. Afterwards, was necessary to include jira-core dependency to implement it.

If someone was looking for an answer, that’s it. And thanks for any effort.