Search Rest API - MaxResults

Hi there,
Anyone knows why search REST API does not return the defined maxResults?
If I set the maxResults as 200, the value returned is always 100.


Thank you.

Rui Rodrigues.

There is a setting for each Jira instance which limits the maximum number of search REST API results. If you request more than that then search REST API results return the maximum allowed maxResults.

Recently this maximum number for all Jira Cloud instances was reduced to 100. See

Hi @raimonds.simanovskis,
Thank you so much. This is having impact in our side.

Rui Rodrigues.

In some cases, you have to make the /search request several times, using progressively higher startAt values until you have fetched the entire result set.

Hi @david.pinn,
That’s the correct approach.
Rui Rodrigues