Search (tags) on MPAC vendor app management page

Can we have tags or some other advanced searching capability on the MPAC page that a vendor uses to manage their app listings?

The existing search is only by app title:

I work on a team at a large partner and we have hundreds of apps. The team I work on is responsible for a dozen of them.

It would be nice if we could tag the app listings so that teams can quickly and reliably find all of their apps on the MPAC vendor management page.

For example, this would be helpful when performing a task like updating the compatibility for all of my team’s apps after we validate them on the new Confluence release. I have a list of all of my apps someplace so I will double-check that to make sure I update them all in MPAC but it would be easier if I could use a search filter to get them all on one page in MPAC and manage them from there.