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Thank you again for the Developer Day 2021! It was a great event. We are currently in the process to adapt some of the tips Atlassian gave us for our app Easy Subtask Templates. One topic we’ve talked about a lot was the 10-seconds-limit of Forge lambda invocations. A good advice that came up was, that we shouldn’t anyway let users wait over 10 seconds for some interaction. Good point. An alternative that came up were background functions.

In our use-case the user creates a lot of subtasks at once. Doing that over REST takes a while. After the issues are created we have to do other stuff with the created issue keys, like adding links between those issues (is blocked by, duplicates, … ). As this operations usually hit the 10 seconds limit we now want to handle them gracefully in background functions:

During subtask creation we want to add properties onto the issues and then, within a avi:jira:created:issue trigger we want to search for all issues that have some specific property values to know which operation the user wants to be applied on them (like: “Link this issue with all issues where prop-foo equals bar”). Creating the props is easy using the right apis.

But unfortunately with Forge we are not able to search for issues that have a specific property value. Is that right? I guess with Connect we would have the chance to bring the props in the index by using a “jiraEntityProperties” module. Are there any other options to achieve that by just using Forge? If there is a 10 seconds limit in Forge on the one side, and this indexing feature gap on the other side that would be kind of a blocker for our further feature roadmap. Any chance to make properties created by the mentioned API searchable via JQL with Forge? Maybe I’m missing something.

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Would the Storage API be better to use for your use case in Forge?

Thanks for your answer @rwhitbeck.

Storage API could be some kind of a workaround. Good tip, we’re already using it as our configuration storage. But at the end this feels like a hack as we have to persist information onto an issue. That basically is what the Properties API is for I guess.

Is there an issue we can vote on to add a jiraEntityProperties module in Forge? Any plans to fill that gap?

In the meanwhile we’ll fiddle around with the Storage API and try to find a solution that way. :slight_smile:

Check FRGE-158
and this thread: Trying to get search for an issue property set by a customfield in Forge

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