Searching and handling errors


I’m using the search api to retrieve a list of Jira issues. I include a JQL query that looks like:
key = id-1388 OR key = id-33 OR etc and the list can be > 30 issues.
This works until I hit an id that I don’t have permission to view.
The API returns an error and I don’t get any of the items that I did have permission to view.
If I want to get a list of issues then I have to make a request to the /api/3/issue/ endpoint for each issue, check the response and if there’s no error add it to a collection.
Is there a way I can search and collect good response while ignoring errors, all in one call to the /search api?


Hello @DavidOBrien

If you are using issue level security, refer to the Level field, as per this article.