Select UI component gets React minified error

I have these imports in my Forge Jira plugin:

import Select, {
} from '@atlaskit/select';

And I have this inside my form:

              <Field name="businessType" label="Business Type" isRequired>
                {({ fieldProps }) => (
                        { label: 'Type 1', value: 'type1' },
                        { label: 'Type 2', value: 'type2' },

The problem is that when I include this select component from the UI kit, the plugin gives me Minified React error #321;.

Is this a bug, with the select component in the UI Kit?

Thank you very much!

Hi, you can’t import atlaskit components if you’re using UI Kit.

If you’re using UI Kit 2 then import the Select from @forge/react

If you’re using UI Kit 1 then import Select from @forge/ui

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No. I am using custom UI and I want to import the one that is in the question.

OK, it was just because you said UI Kit in your question which is different to Atlaskit.

Sorry, I’m not sure what’s causing the error. The snippet you provided seems correct.

Yes. This is solved. I don’t know why, it just started working… :smiley: