Sell bitbucket cloud cli app in the marketplace

Hi Bitbucket cloud team,

I’m creating a Bitbucket Command-Line Interface (bbcli) and I’m reading all the documents about how to sell my app in Atlassian Marketplace, until here everything is ok. I didn’t publish the app already, but I have many doubts about how is the best way for this kind of application (binary and customer installed app).

My app is a CLI tool that speaks directly to your Bitbucket API V2 using all the Authentication and Authorisations methods available (Oauth 2, App Password, etc). This CLI tool makes easy the management of the Bitbucket workspaces, repositories, users, permissions, etc. Have the ability to show API responses in tables, CSV, JSON, YAML, etc.

My questions:

  1. I understand that the procedure to publish my app is as the image below shows, I mean My app isn't directly installable, this is right?
  2. My App is in a binary format and different from a Java Language, so I understand I can publish that in a AWS S3 bucket and use this link in the field Binary URL of the image above, right?
  3. My CI/CD pipelines could call your marketplace API to provide the new version of the tool once this is deployed to my AWS S3 bucket, right?
  4. To control the license model, what I understand is that my App (cli tool) needs to request (every time somebody use this) to your marketplace API to check if the users credentials (oauth or app password) has valid license?, or I need to start a webservice (in some place) to do this verification?

Sorry if my question are to more basic or complicates, but my app use case is very different from what your information provide.

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