Sending X-ExperimentalApi: true through AP.request

Hi Team,

I’m testing some JSD experimental methods. JSD requires the header X-ExperimentalApi: opt-in to be set.

I’m trying to send the header when calling from my js cloud addon to JIRA using AP.request but I cannot. It seems that the headers: parameter is restricted to ‘Accept’, ‘If-Match’ and ‘If-None-Match’ for some reason?

How can I send the X-ExperimentalApi? I’m trying something like this:

AP.require('request', function (request) {
                                    url: url,         
                                    dataType: 'json',
                                    headers: {'X-ExperimentalApi': 'opt-in'}, <-- doesn't work
                                    success: function (data, message, xhr) {
                                    error: function (xhr) {


Hi @fboucquez,

the AP.require API docs mention a boolean option for an “experimental” parameter you can set (it’s located at the bottom of the table on the site you linked to). Is that maybe what you’re looking for?


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Thanks Tobi!! I missed that.

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