Seperation border is missing in jira web panel

I am getting different views in two different instances. I have uploaded same atlassian-connect.json on both instances.

Refer below attachment for 2 different instances. On Left side instance seperation border is coming and on right side instance seperation border is not coming in web panel.

@umang.savaliya @karanpalan


Hi @krishnashah,

Without a deeper investigation, it seems that a feature affecting the menu item layout is being rolled out across Jira Cloud tenants. At any given time, there are always numerous features being rolled out across tenants so it is common to observe differences.


Thanks @dmorrow for the update. So, i assume that this feature is no longer available in all cloud instances gradually.


Hi @krishnashah,

I’m not across the details of this particular feature. Is it impacting any of your apps or your app development?


Hi @dmorrow,

Actually we don’t have separator right now in our production app. we are going to add separator in upcoming release and in our two different development instance we find this disturbance. For production environment we have a menu like below screen shot.

So, we are going to add separator in upcoming release but we found this disturbance in two different environment.

@dmorrow Any update regarding this issue ?
Below are instance details - - In this instance we are not getting seperation border -In this instance we are getting seperation border

Above details might help you in identifying the issue.