Service Desk Issue Reports "Request Type Does Not Exist" when accessing via API

I have a Service Desk instance that I’m working to integrate with an external application via an Atlassian Connect app.

I recently added required approvers to a workflow step and I am now unable to retrieve the Request via the Service Desk API:
{"errorMessage":"The request type you are trying to view does not exist.","i18nErrorMessage":{"i18nKey":"sd.customerview.error.vpOriginMissing","parameters":[]}}

The above error message is returned when trying to access /rest/servicedeskapi/request/{issue key}

Requests made before I added required approvers are still viewable when accessed via the API.
I have also confirmed that the issue is visible via the Jira API. There are no issues viewing the request via the Service Desk web UI.

I tried removing the approver requirement from the workflow step, but the API call still returns the error I noted above.

Is this a known bug? I saw something about reindexing, but since I’m using Cloud JSD I don’t think that option is available to me.

Another caveat:
When a ticket is created I have a webhook fire to my external application. The external application is responsible for adding the correct approvers to the custom approval field before transitioning to the status requiring approval.

Is this error popping up because I create the ticket with no approvers and then add them immediately after creation?

Hello @david.gunter,

You are getting this error for issues that have approvers added by your app, is my understanding correct? If so, can you provide code snippets as to how you are adding them.


Thanks for following-up, @iragudo!

The issue was a result of the “request type” not being set when I was creating test requests via the Jira admin/agent panel. Add the request type to the ticket manually (or creating a ticket from the portal) resolved the issue and I was able to view the approval request via the API.

Consider the issue resolved :slight_smile:

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We had a similar issue and found a solution that doesn’t require manual intervention.

We have a system that generates data anomaly reports. We use the Jira API to create “anomaly” issues and wanted to add request participants (e.g. an account manager or engineer who should be across this anomaly).

However, you can only add users to the request participant field if the issue has a request type selected… We created a JSD automation rule of type “Triage email requests” with the conditions:
Issue matches: issuetype = Anomaly
Then do this: Edit request type name to “Anomaly”

This allowed us to create a new issue with set request type and added request participants in one API call.