Service Desk user and getting list of own requests

Hi there,

I’m actually just a customer of someone who’s using JSD for providing me an interface for creating requests. Since the list has grown in the past, I’d like to get the whole list via REST API and store them in a data sheet, just for easy tracking.

After some investigations (not really easy to find information for) I figured out that the normal basic authentication seems not to work. At least I get “Basic auth with password is not allowed on this instance” as answer.
I searched the docs and found, that I could use cookie based authenticaton. Therefore I sent a POST request with applicaton/json to /rest/auth/1/session with username/password in the body, but I had again no luck - “Login failed”.

Now I’m completely stuck. Whenever I log in via the normal HTTP interface and then switch to observe the REST API with my browser I get the content as desired. But how do I have to do to get things done in a Python script as well, when no authentication method seems to work.

Do someone have an advice for me on how to get things working? Many thanks in advance!

Regards, Thomas

i have a cloud instance i use for testing. what url are you trying to authenticate against? I can test on my own also. i can get back to you after work.