Set ID, css for issuetable when use IssueTableWebComponent to build

I use IssueTableWebComponent class to draw an issue table in the page.

final IssueTableWebComponent issueTable = new IssueTableWebComponent();
      IssueTableLayoutBean layout;
      try {
        layout = issueTableLayout.getIssuesLayout(user,
            atLeastOneIssueHasTimeTrackingData, Arrays.asList(columns));
      } catch (FieldException e) {
        throw new RuntimeException(e);
      final String html = issueTable.getHtml(layout, issueObjects, null);
      listHtmlDTOs.add(new HtmlDTO(panelModel.getId(), panelModel.getTitle(), html));
return listHtmlDTOs;

public IssueTableLayoutBean getIssuesLayout(ApplicationUser user,
      boolean timeTrackingData,
      List<String> columnNames) throws FieldException {
    List<String> userSpecifiedColumns = columnNames;
    if (!timeTrackingData && userSpecifiedColumns != null) {
      userSpecifiedColumns = new ArrayList<>(userSpecifiedColumns);

    List<ColumnLayoutItem> columns = new ArrayList<>();
    columns.addAll(this.tableLayoutUtils.getColumns(user, userSpecifiedColumns));

    IssueTableLayoutBean layout = new IssueTableLayoutBean(columns, Collections.emptyList());
    layout.setTableCssClass("try-some-thing"); // The "try-some-thing" class didn't show in html :( 
    return layout;

But I don’t know how to set Id/ set CSS for that table for that table

Many thanks,

do you have some grid class in html ? if yes it doesn’t do the layout.setTableCssClass("try-some-thing");

in layout = issueTableLayout.getIssuesLayout(user, ... where is issueTableLayout from ?

never done this before, maybe I am not in

Hi, thanks for your question.
Yes, I use the class grid in html.
For the line layout.setTableCssClass("try-some-thing"); , I just test some thing. So ignore it.

issueTableLayout is a variable from class IssueTableLayout.

private final IssueTableLayout issueTableLayout;