Set the timetracking while creating an issue in Jira cloud

Hi guys,

I’m trying to create an issue Jira cloud, by accessing the next API entry point:

I managed to set all the fields but the timetracking. The example they are providing is
“timetracking”: { “originalEstimate”: “10”, “remainingEstimate”: “5” } and the numbers should be the minutes.

If I perform the POST from my code, without setting the timetracking, the issue gets created all right. When I try to perform the same request, but setting the timetracking, I only receive a 400 bad request.

I tried to run it via postman as well, but I get a “XSRF check failed” even if I set the “X-Atlassian-Token” header to “no-check” or “nocheck” (tried both of the ways) - see attached


Any ideas?

Thank you,