Setting height for issue-context module

I’d like to raise an issue regarding the replacement of the issue glance module with the Forge issue context module.

We have noticed that the panel has a fixed height, which is not meeting our expectations.

The Issue Context module should dynamically adjust its height based on the content of the panel, considering that the previous Issue Glance module had approximately 100% of the height of the issue screen.
Furthermore, we have observed that the Connect Module issue context module supports height resizing using data-options in all.js.

Therefore, we require the height of the panel to be adjustable and not fixed to accommodate the content displayed within it.

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Tracking the issue now via [FRGE-1202] - Ecosystem Jira

Hi @ajay
Sorry for the late response. Thanks for reporting this. Indeed it looks like an unexpected behaviour so I created a bug in our backlog to fix it. Once it’s fixed we’ll let you know via the public issue you created so you could test it on your side [FRGE-1202] - Ecosystem Jira . Sorry for the inconvenience.

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