Sfdc development workflow documentation missing. Any idea?

Hey there,

Not able to access this https://developer.atlassian.com/sfdc . Any idea where is the new home for it?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi @dev8,

The SFDC documentation has been deprecated in a recent migration because of low levels of use. Out of interest, what were you using it for?


Hi @rmassaioli,
I read the SFDC documentation some time ago and I found it very helpfully.

Yesterday I tried to found it but I discovered that it is deleted.
Can I ask why do you remove it? Is there a way to obtain it again?


Thanks for your response. I wanted to refer the documentation to setup CI/CD in Bamboo for traditional Salesforce development.

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Ouch! I too was looking for the https://developer.atlassian.com/sfdc material. We had found it in mid December 2017, and had introduced the concept of using it to drive artifact-based delivery as an improvement over the current change set model commonly used in Salesforce projects. FYI, we cannot use the new Salesforce DX model as we are deploying into their Government Cloud and it does not yet support DX.

Is there any archive site or alternative where we might still get access to this material?

I’d also like to see it returned. I was just getting to a new implementation of Apex code into internal source control (bitbucket server), and I had bookmarked this site as a handy “best practices” summary. And now it’s been pulled out from underneath us! Please restore it… even the Wayback Machine doesn’t have a copy.

Hi All, Not sure how helpful this would be but I managed to find some content from this lost link developer.atlassian.com/sfdc.

Please check this github repo: GitHub - majilesh/sfdc_atlassian: The Salesforce Development Workflow

Here is a link to an archived version of the original doc: https://web.archive.org/web/20170928071348/https://developer.atlassian.com/sfdc/the-salesforce-development-workflow#TheSalesforceDevelopmentWorkflow-TeamCollaboration

Please note that a lot of the information is pretty outdated, and there are references to Stash (now Bitbucket) and HipChat (which has been end-of-life’d). We are also unsure whether the Salesforce part is still up-to-date. There are talks about rewriting the content so that it’s up-to-date, but if this happens I don’t think it will be anytime soon. Regardless, I really hope this helps!