SharePoint integration to create issues in Jira Software Server

I’m the BA not the developer but I am being asked to find a starting point for this integration. We need to create an issue in Jira when a new record is added to a SharePoint list.

  1. Nothing is in the cloud.
  2. We are using SP 2016 and Jira Server 8.4.
  3. The integration requires custom field population and file attachment.
  4. To my knowledge email handlers cannot populate anything other than the summary and description, so that’s out.
  5. O365 is not possible for security reasons so the Microsoft connector and Power Automate are out.
  6. I can’t find an app in the Marketplace.
  7. From what I can tell the only solution is the Atlassian API of one flavor or another.

Is there another solution I am missing?

Where does my developer start? We have already found the API documentation.

Why hasn’t anyone built a SharePoint integration? I mean, I get it, but come on people. Someone throw me a bone here.

I don’t know if it would be “right sized” for your project, there is a class of “integration middleware” products that might work faster than low-level coding. I wrote about a couple options many years ago (both options still exist).

With SharePoint involved, you might not need to focus on such domain-specific integration. More generic integration tools might work just as well. The likes of MuleSoft have both SharePoint and Jira connectors.

If REST API is still better for your needs, here’s an introductory blog on the topic:

Thanks Ian. I looked at middle ware but couldn’t justify it for the one little thing we need. Turns out the issue wasn’t the Jira API, it was getting SP to do what was needed. We got a SP developer to help and all is moving again.

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