Show Creation Date

I’m new to confluence, node, atlassian connect and so on.

So my problem is:
I already created two addons for our cloud, which show the page-id and page-title. Now i want to create a third addon that displays the creation date of the page. I know it is stored somewhere, because you can see it in the page info tab.

This is how I accessed the title of the page:

It would be nice to create the new app with a similar approach. Altough if this is not possible, can I add a database to the app where I store the creation dates? If so, how can I add and access a database?

Best regards

Welcome to the Developer Community, Ibi!

You can access the metadata of a page, including creation date, via the Confluence Content REST API. In your iframe you can use AP.request to make a request to the REST API like this:

AP.navigator.getLocation(function(location) {
	var contentId = location.context.contentId;
	var url = '/rest/api/content/' + contentId;
	AP.request(url).then(function(response) {
		var createdDate = JSON.parse(response.body).history.createdDate;

Just make sure your app has the READ scope in its connector as described here.