Show macros within dynamic macros

In our app we have dynamic macros with rich-text bodyType. We now have issues with other macros, like the Jira macro, not showing correctly in our macros. We make use of


to get the js and css needed to display the body of our macros, but it no longer works and we’re suspecting that all information is no longer in there. Does anyone know if something has changed or how we can successfully display other macros in our macro?

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Hi @julia,

Is your problem the same as CONFCLOUD-71649?


Hi Dugald,

Well I don’t think it is the same. At least we’re not using AP.confluence.getMacroBody() but rather

      url: '/rest/api/contentbody/convert/view?expand=webresource.superbatch.metatags,webresource.tags.all',
      type: 'POST',
      data: requestData,
      contentType: 'application/json',
      success: (res) => {},
      error: (xhr, statusText, errorThrown) => {}

We believe the problem is that we no longer get the needed css and js through the expanded webresources.

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Thanks @julia,

I meant to link to CONFCLOUD-71603 which is an issue that also relates to webresources not being returned.

In your case, is the problem that the css, and js fields returned by the API call are empty?


Hi again!

I suppose it could be the same issue in the Atlassian backend, but that I can’t tell. The API mentioned in the ticket is not the one we use when we get this issue.

In our case the field is not necessarily empty but as the macros don’t show in the way they’re intended we think that we don’t get all resources we need to show macros. For example when adding the Jira issue macro and select to display it as card, for us it only shows up as a regular link.

Thanks @julia,

When I ran a test, the response included the following:

"webresource": {
  "tags": {
    "all": "<link type=\"text/css\" rel=\"stylesheet\" href=\"//\" media=\"all\">\n",
    "_expandable": {
      "css": "",
      "data": "",
      "js": ""

I assume your app is dependent on the content of the css and js fields, but being empty, it doesn’t inject the styles and script necessary, for example, to render the Jira macro as a card.

Are you able to confirm this?


I do get the same as you for the Jira issue macro. Actually I would expect the needed resources to be in the “all” field and not have to also expand the different kind of resources like “css” and “js”.

Thanks for the quick responses on this!

Thanks @julia,

I have created CONFCLOUD-71683. I suspect the root cause is the same as CONFCLOUD-71603 so I will follow this up with the Confluence team.