SIL Excel Reporting: Get Custom Field by Name

How can I get some specifics custom fields by field’s name?

Here is my code in SIL Manager with hard code…:

include "safe/SER_funcs.incl";
string templateFile = gadget_getSingleValue(argv, "Template file");
string sheetName = gadget_getSingleValue(argv, "Sheet name");
date startDate = gadget_getDateValue(argv, "Start Date");
string[] headers = {"Security Level","Safe Date"};

number[] columnTypes = {0,0};
string[] data;

string jql;
jql = "project = SAFGL AND issuetype in ('Sub-Task MEAN','Sub-Task APO')";
string[] keys = selectIssues(jql);

for(string k in keys) {
    string[] fields = getIssueFields(k, true);
    //Here should be changed by header[i]...
    data = addElement(data, {fields["customfield_10443"]});
    data = addElement(data, {fields["customfield_10441"]});

SheetProp sheetProp;
sheetProp.sheet = sheetName;
sheetProp.heading = headers; = data;
sheetProp.dataTypes = columnTypes;
return ser_writeDataInExcel(templateFile, true, {sheetProp});

Need your helps and advices!

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