Simple-xdm examples broken and possible usage in P2


I’ve been checking out and found that the examples don’t work.
Apparently they are outdated. If someone could have a look that would be awesome.

We’re currently investigating if using simple-xdm in a (group of) P2 plugins would be possible. We’re backporting some of our connect add-ons to P2 and want to reuse the iframe’d UIs in P2. UI SPA’s are being served by a <servlet> module.
We’ve already got that running with the library.

However since the UI’s should behave the same in cloud and server environments it might be better to replace iframe-resizer with simple-xdm. This would also make our SPA’s simpler because we could implement the AP features on server as we need them instead of having an environment switch inside the SPA’s.

Are there any experiences using simple-xdm this way?
We’d also need to scope it it somehow to the plugin as we’ll provide multiple standalone plugins that would ship simple-xdm in a <web-resource>.


Hi Jens,

This pull request will fix the examples. Either have a look at that branch or wait for it to be merged.

Thanks for the heads up,
Chris Whittington.


Hi Chris, thanks for looking into this, much appreciated.