Simple-XDM origin validation - what does it mean?

I’m seeing a lot of these warning messages in my browser’s console log:

"[Simple-XDM] Failed to validate origin:"

What do they mean?

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Hi @david.pinn

These warnings can be ignored. Its due to our use of postMessage, and the fact it’s broadcast to all iframes on the page.
I raised ACJS-740 to clean it up.

David Boyd

Thanks @dboyd. Yes, I don’t think I’m alone in wanting to be warning-message free. By the way, I’m intrigued by the name of the sprint associated with the issue you raised: “Cheerleader effect”.

If you’re interested, currently, we’re taking our sprint names form this list of Cognitive Biases :slight_smile:

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Love it!

Cheerleader effect: The tendency for people to appear more attractive in a group than in isolation.

I note that ACJS-740 has now been fixed, although not yet rolled out to all Jira Cloud instances.

Confirm we are still seeing the error on at least one customer instance.

Hi, this does not throw an error anymore but it still clutters the browser console.

Would you mind removing the message completely for JIRA Cloud instances?

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The messages, even at info level, are annoying, and often reported to us via support cases when we ask customers to send us any errors in their browser console logs. Anyone who sees them tends to be led to believe that something is wrong. What’s the value in retaining the message?

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I’m starting to see this issue as well since moving to getting the all.js from the CDN as per the deprecation that’s going to happen later this week (Deprecation: Javascript API, all.js, must be loaded from Connect CDN).
Haven’t seen this when loading the file from the instance. I suppose if it’s benign it’s fine, but very confusing.

I’ve re-opened ACJS-740 to remove it completely