Single sign on from Connect add on to Jira

Hi i am trying to use my existing web application as an atlassian connect add on. From this application i want to access Jira
for which i want to implement SSO. My question is can i implement sso for atlassian connect add on ?

Hi @apathania,

Authentication in Atlassian Cloud applications, including JIRA Cloud, is managed via Atlassian accounts. Atlassian account supports SSO via G-suite and SAML, therefore Atlassian Connect does not provide a way for add-ons to manage authentication.

Dave Meyer
JIRA Product Management

Hi @dmeyer
Thanks for the reply.
This means the only way to manage my jira issues from my add on (my web application) are the jira rest api right ?

Hi @apathania,

I’m not sure what you mean. Your web application can provide an atlassian-connect.json file and be installed as an Atlassian Connect add-on. This will allow you to make authenticated requests to JIRA’s APIs using JWT. I understood your original question as you wanting to manage the authentication of other users in JIRA Cloud.