"sizeToParent" general pages have the wrong height on Cloud

The new navigation just got enabled on my Cloud instance, and there is a problem with the layout. The content column is too high and always receives a vertical scrollbar, even when its content wouldn’t require one. The reason is that its height is set to 100vh, even though 56px or 70px are taken by the navigation on top. On normal Confluence pages this is not a problem, but our app provides some general pages that use the sizeToParent option and use a flex layout where some areas are scrollable. The result is that the iframe is taller than the browser window and there are nested scrollable areas.


I wanted to confirm that we also noticed this bug for our app general pages when using Confluence Cloud with the new top navigation.

I also noticed that in some standard Confluence pages (e.g. People https://example.atlassian.net/wiki/people/search) a scrollbar appears when it should not appear. The cause is the same that content height is set to 100vh not taking into account the top navigation bar height.

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We have also noticed that sizeToParent creates too large of an iframe when banners are displayed, such as the ones heralding the coming of the new editor.

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Brought this up with the Confluence Cloud Team and they created this DEVHELP ticket - https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/CONFCLOUD-69080