Some Action Types not returned when getting Actions of a Board

When getting all Actions of a Board, using GET /1/boards/{boardId}/actions (as described here) actions with some Action Types, for example removeMemberFromBoard are not returned. My questions are:

  1. Is it a bug or is it a desired behaviour?
  2. Where can I find a list of all ActionTypes returned by endpoint GET /1/boards/{boardId}/actions? I have found this link, however I am not sure if this is correct. Additionally, under that link there are some mistakes, like removeMemberFromBoard or updateCheckItem being both in “Included Action Types” and “Included Action Types” categories (unless this is not a mistake - then could you explain?)

Thank you in advance.

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in the mentioned document section, there is a link to a list that shows which Trello objects’ webhooks receive which types of actions.

From this list, you can see that the board webhook does not receive all the action types including removeMemberFromBoard. So, basically, it’s the desired behavior.

As for the inconsistency with included/excluded action types, thanks for noticing it! We’ll let the team know.

Hi Valentyn,

Thanks for your answer. However I’m not sure if that is applicable to my case - I’m not using Webhooks, just sending a traditional API request to GET /1/boards/{boardId}/actions (without callbackURL). I cannot see a list of all ActionTypes returned by sending traditional request (not Webhook) to GET /1/boards/{boardId}/actions ?

However, if this link you provided is applicable, then something is wrong - it states that for a Board the ActionType removeMemberFromBoard should be available - however when I make the request to /1/boards/{boardId}/actions this ActionType is not returned. Or maybe I understand it wrong?

Hi Piotr,

seems like you’re right - removeMemberFromBoard and updateCheckItem shouldn’t be listed in the ‘Included Action Types’ list. That’s why they are not returned. Thanks for bringing it up! I will let the team know.

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